Vegan & Cruelty Free products.

Special care and research has been carried out by us to make sure all products we advertise as being vegan friendly & cruelty free are as such. While there is no legal definition for vegan, we take this to mean that the products we use are not tested on animals and do not include any animal product or by animal by- products. We also have a range of bio-degradable glitters to help be kinder to our planet.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

How Do I book?
You can book online here
or you can book by popping in to the shop. Any in store bookings require £10 deposit.

I am unsure what to book.
Please send us a message or email with a picture of what you’re lookin for and we can advise you what too book.

After care:
Acrylics & Gel Polish**

Acrylics and Gel polish can last up to 2 weeks without infill if taken care of properly.

To help minimise breaks, chipping, peeling and loss of acrylics we ask that you follow our aftercare instructions below.

  • After you have had your treatment, avoid soaking your hands/nails in water for at least 24 hours.
  • We recommend using cuticle oil 2/3 times a day to help make your nails last longer.
  • Always wear rubber gloves when washing up or handling chemicals as bleach is a killer of acrylics and gel.
  • Avoid using your nails to open cans as this will cause chipping and popping of acrylics. “Nails are jewels not tools”
  • Use a good hand cream as well as your cuticle oil, this will improve the condition of your hands.
  • Do not pick or bite your new nails as this can cause damage to your natural nails & your teeth!

Always have your nails removed professionally to avoid damage to your natural nails. Be sure to book an infill appointment no longer than 2 weeks after your new set. This is a vital part of the maintenance. ( Infills not available after 2 weeks)

We will fix any damage that we feel is due to our work free of charge if within the first 5 days. After this there is a small fee to repair of £3 per nail (does not include cost for nail art). Please contact us asap if you need a repair appointment.

Lateness, Cancellations & No show Fees.
(applies to every appointment, whether made online, in store or via Facebook/Instagram and includes repair appointments)

We understand things can happen last minute in life meaning you may be late for you appointment or even have to cancel last minute. These things however have a massive impact on our salon, our team and our customers. Someone showing even just 5 minutes late can have a knock on effect for the rest of the day. We have guidelines in place for all customers to protect our clients and also to protect our business.

If you are late at all to your appointment we may not be able to carry out the service you have booked for due to time restraints. We will always try our best but this may mean we may have to change the service you booked to allow for time. If you decide at this point you no longer want the appointment 100% of your original appointment fee would apply.

If you need to cancel your appointment please let us know as soon as
possible. We require for AT LEAST 24 hours notice in all cases. Any less and the following charges will apply.

Same day cancellation within 1 hour of appointment = 50% of appointment fee.

Same day cancellation within less than 1 hour of appointment = 100% of appointment fee.

No Shows
If you fail to show for your appointment with no contact 100% fee will be charged. If charge is declined 100% deposit will be taken for future appointments.


Repeat Offenders
If you are late or don’t show for your appointment more than twice you will be charge full amount at time of booking for all future bookings or may be refused rebooking. Appointments will not be honoured unless deposit is paid.

Other Information.

It is your responsibility to let us know of any allergies(such as nuts/acrylic monomer/acetone) health conditions ( such as eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, HIV) or of any information we should be aware of before having your treatment. We do not take any responsibility for problems that occur after leaving the salon from not following correct aftercare or from allergic reactions from products following your appointment, that you where unaware of or that you did not advise us of before your treatment. It is your responsibility to follow our advice and to respect our guide lines. These are in place for your best interest and ours. You agree to be honest when advising us information such as age, health conditions and allergies. By booking an appointment you are agreeing to all of our terms and conditions above and the ones displayed on Fresha apon booking.