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Course Cost -  £550 Including full kit / £400 NO KIT


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Expand your career in the nail industry with our Beginner Acrylic training course. This course is spread over 2 or 3 days to give you the best chance of retaining all information. You will learn how to be able to perform a professional set of Acrylic nails in a safe and hygienic manner. You will gain experience in carrying out a consultation with your client and understand the knowledge of why this is an important part of your treatment. You will gain understanding of how to ask relevant questions to make sure you get what your client wants right first time. You will learn to detect reasons the treatment may not be suitable and what to do in this instance. You’ll learn about the benefits of Acrylic Nails over other nail enhancements, the importance of correct liquid to powder ratio and about the chemical background of acrylic. You will also learn about the Importance of placement and structure when applying and to be able to give detailed helpful aftercare. Finally you’ll learn about the equipment and tools used and understand the products needed to make your treatment relaxing for your client. We will also teach you about acrylic overlays, infills and removals.



By the end of this course you will have learned:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the hand, nail and muscles.

  • Health and Safety.

  • How to clean your work area and tools properly.

  • Background knowledge of acrylic systems.

  • How prepare the nail for treatment.

  • How to provide full and relaxing set of acrylic nails including : Prep, applying tips, cutting and shaping tips. Blending, Liquid to powder ratio, Applying acrylic to nail, Importance of placement, Finish Filing , Applying gel polish to acrylic nails.

  • How to do infills.

  • Acrylic overlay

  • Safe removal of Acrylic nails

Other Information:
You will be required to pass a small open book theory assessment based on information leaned and information from our Nova Nails Acrylic Training manual and you will also complete a practical assessment on a model who you will provide.
(Model will only be required for the 2nd half of day 2 from 12.pm – 3pm approx.)

Entry Requirements:
You and model must be 16+

Manicure training is preferred but not required.
Gel Polish training or industry recognised equivalent.


Duration & Time
2 day 11.30am-3pm approx. Student must be available on both dates, model only required on day 2 full day.

*50% booking fee required at time of booking, balance due morning of course

Next Steps
After receiving your Acrylic Training certification you can move forward in your career to Fit Tip Training or E-file training. To enquire or BOOK this course below. You will receive an email back with answers or of further steps


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